When my son was diagnosed with Adolescent IBS, our GI doctor gave us one name and number - Jana Hand at Helping Hand Nutrition. Right away you can’t help but adore Jana's fabulous personality and her incredible knowledge of food, nutrition and it's affect on the body. From the start my then 10-year old son and my two younger children were included and educated about the foods we eat and how they affect our bodies. Within the first session, Jana was able to surmise what may be triggering my sons "attacks". By the next visit we were able to pinpoint those ingredients and remove just those from his diet. Right away the difference was incredible - we found the key items that caused his debilitating stomach pains. In addition to his IBS, my sons weight and unhealthful eating habits were secondary issues that we could deal with without him really noticing. In fact, Jana had a way of making it seem like it was his idea and something he wanted for his body as he approached puberty and as he strived to become a better athlete. Jana's approach was to remove the focus from numbers on the scale and just focus on how to eat healthily yet realistically. Some of the decisions he now makes are straight from the real and direct conversations he has with Jana. As a parent, it helps to be removed from the position of "food keeper or controller", something we struggled with for years, and it allows our son to make well informed decisions about the foods he chooses to eat. From Jana’s sessions, our son has learned how to successfully navigate parties, buffets, sleep-away camp and holidays, including Halloween, which she discussed with all three kids (and a few friends who happen to be with us too!). This past week was huge as Jana let me know that my sons BMI had actually gone down. With diabetes lurking on both sides of our family, I am thrilled to see him and my other children making
healthy choices and decisions that will carry them through their adolescent years. I truly can not rave enough about the experience and success of our time with Jana at Helping Hand Nutrition.
LK, mom of 11 year old boy
Jana is an amazing RD. Not only is she an amazing resource for postpartum women, but she helped me out with my young son who was having some serious eating issues. Actually, she helped me realize what I could be doing when it came to his meal planning. If you are at all worried about your child's eating habits, don't quite feel confident in your child's meal planning or you are looking
for coaching for you or anyone in your family, Jana is your gal. She is absolutely incredible and witty, funny, yet honest and holds you accountable. In just a week and half, Jana's advice has helped me turn my mud eating, rock sucking son into a healthy eater again!
SD, mom of toddler with picky eating and other feeding issues
When struggling with my weight, deciding to meet with Jana was probably the best thing I could have done for myself. I have struggled with my weight for most of my life and have tried many different ways in order to lose it, but all that it was doing was causing my weight to go up and down. I found myself deprived of the foods that I love, which was making my eating habits worse. When working with Jana I learned that you can still enjoy yummy, delicious foods that you don't even realize are better for you. When going through this process, Jana is always there to support you and guide you in the right direction. I am losing weight
slowly and carefully in order to keep it off long term. I have been working with Jana for a little over half a year now and am half way to my goal weight! I am so thankful for her and can't wait to see where this takes me in the future!
GB, age 14
Having suffered from IBS in the past, I had great difficulty finding a nutritionist to help me lose weight. My personal physician recommended Jana Hand and I am so happy with her professionalism and the way she counsels me. So far, I have lost 14 pounds, which at my age is not easy! Jana taught me how to shop
and what foods to buy and where to buy it. She will give you a list, depending on what your medical background is. You can’t go wrong with Jana.
JB, age 80
I for one have always had issues with my weight and the management thereof….so needless to say when I became pregnant, I lost control with my eating habits. I thought to myself that I will be one of the lucky ones…breastfeed and all the weight will magically come off!! Well, wouldn’t you know it, I looked at myself in the mirror as my son was about to turn ‘1’ and I was shocked and disappointed because what I had fantasized about really didn’t materialize at ALL!!! I breastfed for only 6 months and although it was wonderful while it lasted, the weight just didn’t budge. Then I decided to ask or beg rather, for help from Jana, a Registered Dietitian. Through her expertise in nutrition, she has really helped me get back on track with my relationship with food, with my body and with my all-around health. I now look at food differently and combine foods in a way that makes me feel good about what I’m putting in my mouth. Jana and her motivational skills are infectious….she is 100% real and honest with you and she serves it up with a wicked sense of humor and wit….while unleashing many a truth about nutrition, in combination with lessons on weight loss and long term weight management that is appropriate for each individual. I don’t feel like I have ever been on a “Diet” which is a huge relief. I feel like I am getting my life back and attaining a “Lifestyle” that I can be true to and live by. I lost 20 lbs. in the first few months, and over 30 pounds total since meeting Jana. At every weigh in, Jana gets so exuberant because my success means the world to her. I am forever indebted to her because overall, she has helped me to
lose baby weight in an easy and controlled manner and with this, I feel like my success in keeping it off will be undeniable!! I just had to share my story in case anyone else wants her help.
HC, New mom with weight to lose
Jana has been instrumental in helping me lose 23 pounds. She is a caring and excellent listener and helped me work through issues specific to me that were holding me back. She gave me practical suggestions that I could actually put to practice right away that fit my life and what I had going on. She takes everything into consideration and helps you see the big picture, giving you valuable perspective. She's so motivating and every time I lost
even half a pound she was right there cheering me on. Anyone who wants help with nutrition and weight loss I wouldn't hesitate to send her way.
MW, weight loss patient
I came to Jana for help because after my initial post-pregnancy weight loss, I realized I was putting more weight on again. I was frustrated and disappointed in myself and I was having difficulty keeping up with the demands of being a stay-at-home mom. I've tried other weight loss programs in the past, like Weight Watchers, but I hated writing everything down and going to the meetings, and it was never a long-term solution for me. At our initial meeting, the first thing Jana did was make me feel relaxed and hopeful. We talked openly and she listened to everything I had to say, and I never felt judged even for a second! Jana really took the time to understand me and my particular set of circumstances. She even took into consideration some of my favorite foods and foods I can't stand eating. She worked with me to give me general guidelines as well as specific examples of what to do in situations that commonly arose in my daily life. This woman knows absolutely EVERYTHING about food, even beyond nutrition labels. She answered all of my questions and put me at ease. She can work with absolutely anyone with any set of circumstances, whether it's gestational diabetes or nursing mothers, or eating disorders, etc. In the end, the proof
is in the nonfat pudding; I lost just under 30lbs in 8 months. I can now feel confident in my food choices in absolutely any situation. Jana is a wonderful teacher, confidante, and cheerleader. I'm always talking about her and referring people! She's the real deal!
WM, age 32
During the first trimester of my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. At first when I heard this message via the phone from my OB-GYN physician, I was startled and terrified. So, I made a call right away to Jana Hand, Registered Dietitian, a referral provided by my OB-GYN at West Hills Community Hospital. Within the week that I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I met with Ms. Hand right away because I knew how it can harm my first unborn child and my health. I had never been diagnosed with diabetes until I got pregnant with my first child. Per my endocrinologist conversation, “once a pregnant woman gets diagnosed with gestational diabetes, she will more likely to have diabetes in the long term if the person is not careful of their food intake, weight and lifestyle.” I don’t know if a lot of women knew this one but this is a grateful and powerful lesson that I learned. During my pregnancy, I consulted with Ms. Hand for several months and the experience was remarkable and a great one. During my visitations, she provided me with an everyday, weekly menu, food log and meal plan that encompassed a variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables, we discussed “What is One Serving” and Carbohydrate Intake almost every time. Also, I bought a glucose monitor to check my blood sugar every day such as before and after eating food. For the months that I was in the program with Jana, I was able to control my gestational diabetes, blood sugar and weight WITHOUT taking ANY medications or insulin!! Through her support and her advice about foods, I was able to maintain my weight and control gestational diabetes throughout my pregnancy and after. On March 24, 2012, I gave birth via to a healthy baby boy! After my pregnancy, by following Jana’s diet advice, I lost 45 lbs. in 6 months. Also, I met with my endocrinologist physician and he told me that my A1C blood test for diabetes is NORMAL. I believe that the lessons I learned from Jana helped me monitor my food and
calorie intake every day and will keep me diabetes FREE in the long term. I thank Jana Hand for her expertise in diet and weight control and the powerful nutritional education, including support and advice during my pregnancy.
TO, age 40