Nutrition Counseling

We offer both one-on-one nutrition counseling and family nutrition therapy. Whether you need to make nutrition changes on your own or are hoping to change the habits for you and your spouse, or you and your entire family, we will begin by conducting an hour-long initial assessment of your medical and diet history, nutrition needs, and personal goals. By the end of your first session, you will leave our office with a personalized nutrition plan. Follow up sessions are either one hour or 30 minutes, depending on your medical and nutrition goals, and are individually tailored to helping you reach your goals. At each follow up, your RD will give you new food ideas, suggestion of items to add to your grocery shopping list, and may adjustments to your food plan, based on your changing needs and requests. These follow up sessions are usually in-person, but phone consultations are also available upon request.

Initial Consultation (1 hour):

  • assess medical history
  • assess diet history
  • determine nutrition needs
  • establish personal goals
  • develop personalized nutrition plan

Follow-up Consultation (30 minutes or 1 hour):

  • monitor progress
  • new food ideas
  • grocery list suggestions
  • re-evaluate nutrition needs
  • adjust food plan